Wild Mushroom and Sage (infused) Olive Oil



Sage has a savory, slightly peppery flavor.  This all-natural infused Mushroom & Sage Olive Oil is a wickedly delicious combination of fresh herbaceous sage paired with earthy, savory wild mushrooms. The result is a sumptuous, savory experience. It takes poultry and pork to a whole new level. Compliments a wide array of savory applications. Try drizzled over cream of mushroom soup, in risotto, stuffing and aioli. It makes amazing vinaigrette when paired with our Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic Vinegar. Let this oil take your vegetables to a whole new level.

Other dishes include pork casserole, Sage Derby cheese and Lincolnshire sausages. Mixed with essential extracts of wild mushrooms, this oil demonstrates depth of flavor that is both unique and assertive.


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